About Me

I am an L.A. gal, born and raised, and recently moved to cosmopolitan Tel Aviv.  With the Mediterranean sea at a walks distance, trendy Tel Avivians strutting through the open-air markets that dot the city, the smell of za'atar and hummus filling the air, and rent-a-bike stations dispersed throughout, Tel Aviv embodies "Middle East Mod" culture. I am always on the hunt for fabulous food and cultural finds in this treasure trove of a city. You can find me searching for and creating unique and delicious recipes, eating hummus daily, drinking espresso on the beach, seeking out superb restaurants, or walking to the end of my street where the largest "shuk" (outdoor market) in Tel Aviv resides.   

Things I love:

Cruciferous and undeniably delectable
Beans galore!

Sweet and delish butternut squash
"Ptitim" (pronounced ptee-teem)-otherwise known as Israeli cous cous

Whole grains!

Strong and smelly in the best way possible

Best berry
Copious amounts of Indian spices
The wild kind of course!
Chocolate Cake
Sweet potato friesss
Beautifully colored fruit